China has 61 million left-behind children. Do you really know what left-behind c

Once I asked my friend what we should do to help left-behind children. His answer: donate money.

When it comes to helping left-behind children, many people's first reaction is to donate money, school bags and schools.

Hunan TV host li rui's experience, perhaps can let us all think differently.

When li rui went to longshan in hunan province to do charity work, he asked the children what they wanted for children's day.

A child said to him: "the village chief, as long as it is not a bag, anything will be fine, this month I have three.

Left-behind children don't want schoolbags? It's a little bit of a shock.

Later the boy told the village head that he wanted an electric rice cooker. Because his parents are working in guangdong, his grandfather has to go up the mountain to cut firewood and cook every day. His leg has been broken several times. If there is an electric rice cooker, his grandfather doesn't have to go up the mountain to cut firewood every day.

Many people know that left-behind children lack companionship, so they can only donate schoolbags and money. Little attention is paid to the real needs of left-behind children.

Faced with this heavy problem, I searched the relevant information of left-behind children on the Internet.

In fact, there are invisible left-behind children in big cities.

The child doesn't see his parents who work during the day, and they come home at night after they fall asleep. At work, most parents choose to give their children to their grandparents. The elder spoil the child mostly, the child wants what to give what. Scientific parenting is harder to achieve.

Even if we know what the child needs, do we give it to them?

Parents are away from their children for so long that they are unaware of too many dangers.

Statistics from the United Nations show that the number of accidental deaths of minors under the age of 14 in our country is 200,000 every year, and the number is increasing every year.

According to the authoritative statistics, the risk probability of minors, the top three are: injured 1/3; Car accident 1/12; 1 in 80 injured at home.

Among them, children's high altitude safety has attracted much attention in recent years. Due to the accidental fall of children, the emergence of a pile of lift brother, the most beautiful sister. However, not every time an accident happens, someone will just catch the child.

Home in the child's heart means safety. It is difficult for children to realize the potential danger in their home. Ji 'an believes that the home is a safe haven for children, installation of safety measures in line with national standards is the basis.

Ji 'an mesh, 24 years of dedicated research and development, only choose 304 stainless steel, is committed to creating every piece of king kong mesh, bring safety to every child's family.

Struggling parents, I wish you more company and education children. No matter how important the material conditions are, they cannot compare with the joy of getting along with children when they grow up.