The value of screen window, de

The 10th anniversary of Jingang Network - a work of innovation

The unprecedented experience of invisibility-protection,
After many experiments, we have created the electric magnetic diamond net (which has applied for the national invention patent).
Successfully overcome the shortcomings of traditional diamond mesh, such as shading, airtight, sticky dust, difficult to clean, easy to rust and so on.
Electric magnetic diamond mesh can make the sunshine transmit better.
New processing technology, not easy to dust, easy to clean;
The surface of steel wire is black and shiny, anti-oxidant, anti-UV and durable.
High smoothness of mesh surface, no deviation of diagonal line;
Anti-ultraviolet, non-fading, 1000 h ultraviolet test non-fading;
Electric magnetic circulation technology brings all-round protection to yarn mesh.
Although in wet and rainy environment, there is no fear of corrosion and rust.

About us

In 1996, Guangdong Ji'an Mesh Co., Ltd. was established in Hebei Province. It mainly produces metal mesh for industrial use. 

In 1999, according to the needs of business development and the decision of the company's leadership, the product orientation is adjusted to home decoration mesh as the main product, industrial mesh as the auxiliary product, and mainly sold mesh for doors, windows and screen windows. Ji'an Mesh Distribution Department was set up in Dali Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which is the national production and research base for Doors and Windows. The strategic center was formally transferred to the south.

In 2002, the products were gradually improved, and the production line of invisible yarn mesh was added to mass produce fiberglass mesh and polyester mesh, covering different levels of user market.

In 2008, according to the needs of business development, Guangdong Ji'an Mesh Co., Ltd. was registered to further expand its business scope. In the same year, home mesh products with anti-theft performance were introduced from Europe and named as stainless steel mesh.

In 2010, stainless steel mesh was identified as the main product to promote, positioning the mid-high-end household market. In the same year, the company registered the "Ji'an" trademark, opened brand operation, and positioned itself as a service provider of mesh solutions.

Because it corresponds to the life idea of  human being vigilant in peace time and is popular with consumers, the sales of stainless steel mesh have  increased dramatically year by year. And the function of yarn window has been successfully improved from mosquito prevention and insect prevention to anti-theft protection. At the same time, stainless steel mesh on yarn window has become a new bursting point in the household decoration door and window industry, and the household rate of yarn window has been greatly increased.

In 2015, trying to subdivide the field vertically, the concept of functional yarn mesh was put forward, aiming at the different needs of customers. In the same year, high-definition gutt mesh was introduced to satisfy customers' pursuit of high-definition vision.

In 2016, the ecological chain of functional yarn mesh products was proposed. In view of the phenomenon that residents are deeply troubled by flying flocs and dust, anti-pollen mesh and micron mesh were introduced.

In 2017, aiming at the high corrosion resistance of products in coastal areas, an aviation alloy mesh was introduced, which was made of aviation grade aluminium alloy and did not have corrosion and rust.

In the same year, in order to cope with the increasingly serious air pollution, anti-fog and haze mesh were introduced, so that consumers can have more health protection and further improve the functional mesh ecological chain.

In 2018, the certificate of ISO 9001 quality management system was awarded to our company through the examination and approval of Zhongbiaoyan guolian (beijing) certification Co., Ltd.

In the same year, the company was awarded the title of "China Preferred Brand" and "China Discovery Brand" by China Brand Strategy Research Center, China Quality Brand Promotion and Development Project and the Discovery Brand Column.

In the same year, strategic cooperation was reached with CCTV-7 channel

In the same year, the company became a member of the Organizing Committee of the Foshan Competition District of China Good Voice in 2019.

In the same year, the company was awarded a number of invention, appearance and structural patents by the State Patent Office.

In the same year, the stainless steel mesh plus was promoted, which greatly improves the visual field clarity, transmittance and ventilation rate on the basis of the original anti-theft performance of the stainless steel mesh.

So far, the construction of functional mesh ecological chain tends to be integrated.


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