Dios doors and windows

Since the establishment of the company, based on a visionary, united, efficient and pragmatic management team, we have produced manganese-magnesium-aluminium alloy doors, wooden doors and bathroom doors, with a total output value of over 100 million yuan. The company adhering to the development strategy of "supreme, global service", has always been to improve the quality of home, promote the Chinese door industry culture as its responsibility, adhere to brand marketing.
Up to now, Diosmen has passed the ISO 9001 Quality Certification System and ISO 14001 Environmental Protection Certification System, and won the title of "China Quality Trusted Products". It has been appraised as "China High Quality Environmental Protection Building Materials" and "Designated Products for Decoration Integration" by China Construction Material Circulation Association. In July 2010, it was admitted by China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association as the Standing Director Unit of Wood Gate Professional Committee. In September, during the Quality Activity Month of Foshan Quality Management Association, "Dios" series of products were rated as "User Satisfaction Products". In order to improve efficiency and reduce errors, Yongxing Men Industry implemented ERP enterprise management system in 2005 to realize the computer network management of planning, sales, production, logistics and warehousing. From the order of raw materials into warehouse to the finished products out of warehouse, all are monitored by computer, and can accept online order business synchronously. In the process of standardizing management, the staff's accomplishment has been improved by comprehensively implementing 5S management mode. Create a clean, neat, comfortable and reasonable workplace and space environment, to encourage and drive KPI performance appraisal, put the right talent in the right position, for the next development of enterprises, tap and cultivate more elites.
In 2010, we carried out enterprise transformation and upgrading, and spent three years building 200 flagship stores nationwide, supporting 200 key areas for market promotion, establishing and improving after-sales service system, building regional core competitiveness of brands, actively absorbing high-quality talents, enriching management team, and gradually establishing a modern enterprise management system.
1. The franchisor must have the consuming consciousness and marketing ability of high-end products and be willing to pay the cooperation bond.
2. Franchisors must be dedicated, accept Dios corporate culture and be able to operate Dios as a business.
3. The franchise must operate strictly in accordance with the Dios franchise store's management norms: no unauthorized change of business address or transfer of other people's business.
4. The franchisor must provide the company with a business license, tax registration certificate and a copy of the identity card before opening the business.
5. Franchisors must operate Dios products in the form of exclusive stores without other similar products. The storefront should not be less than 100 square meters. The storefront should be decorated strictly in accordance with the company's VI and requirements.
6. With the idea and experience of brand operation, the capital strength is no less than 500,000; with a strong sense of service and distribution strength.