Anti-fog gauze net

Product name: Anti-fog gauze net

Brand Name: JI AN

Product material: Japan imports polyester

Commonly used specifications

Width (m) : 1.0/1.2/1.5


Product features:

Multiple protection  dust and water proof

The real enemy is invisible dust

Regular washing with water can be clean as new

The affinity of the profile is very high, most of window screen on the market can be replaced by this gauze

Waterproof and anti-fog

Waterproof: waterproof coating attached to the surface of the gauze net, the surface tension is very low;

Increase the hydrophobic, oil drainage, anti-fouling and others properties of the surface of the gauze

Electrostatic adsorption: when the indoor air through the gauze, the particles in the air (including microorganisms) with positive charge is adsorbed to the sand net

Anti-fog: through waterproof treatment and electrostatic adsorption technology,realize the evacuation of rainwater from gauze net and block the haze to achieve the filtering function 

Diamond series