DIY simple screen window

Product name: DIY simple screen window

Brand name: JI AN

Product material: polyester fiber (high-grade clothing fabric)

Commonly used specifications

Model: four corners net/six corners net

Size (m) : 1*1/1.2*1.2/1.5*1.5 (customizable)
Color: gray/black/white

Packaging: bag/color box/plastic seal (customizable)

Packed commodities: gauze (required)/Velcro (required)/yarn cutter (optional)/yarn presser (optional)

 Product features:

Household short-term special anti-mosquito screen window, no processing technology required, Installed in three minutes

Can provide RoHs heavy metal environmental protection test report (for foreign trade/engineering)

1. Cut out the right size

2. Stick the Velcro to the frame

3. Press the screen onto the Velcro with a net press
4. Use the yarn cutter to cut out the excess mesh


We can customize the size specification and foreign language packaging according to the local commonly used specification

Optional packaging: color box /OPP bag/blister

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